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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vegetable Soup

I was looking for something gluten free low GI for Sunday Dinner and decided that a crock pot full of soup might be nice.  I have a lot of organic vegetables in my freezer that I have grown this summer.  I  got out a pack of each and put them in my soup as well as a few fresh vegetables that I had in the refrigerator.  This soup is so healthy and warm.  I loved it.   Here it is.


1 pkg frozen/fresh tomatoes
1 pkg frozen/fresh green beans
1 pkg frozen/fresh okra
1 pkg frozen/fresh squash
1 can of mixed vege's (preferably w/out corn) I used soukash
1 cup of salsa or just cut up some hot peppers
1 vadalia onion chopped
1 green bell pepper chopped
 salt/pepper to taste


Celery - chopped
Potatoes - (I left these out because of the high GI)
Carrots - (I left these out becaus eof the high GI)
Put in slow cooker and cook until done.

About ingredients:  Basically, I went to my freezer and picked out a package of every vegetable type that I had grown this summer as well as anything I had fresh.  I usually keep a package. of frozen mixed vegetables  in my freezer for times like this.   I am trying to use these less because they have a lot of corn and carrots in them which increases the glycemic load of a recipe.  Feel free to use them in if you like.

Family comments:

Mixed reviews:

My son doesn't care for vegetables and he said the main two ingredients were missing.  Some kind of meat and potatoes.
My niece and sister felt I had gotten it too spicy hot (with the salsa).  For my taste it wasn't hot at all.

Everyone else loved it.  I especially liked it.  It was organic and low GI.  AND it fed a lot of people.  We ate on it for two days.  All of it was eaten.