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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Squash Casserole - GF/Low GI

This recipe is one of our all time favorites and it is so easy.  I have used this recipe so many different ways.   In the past I have sliced potatoes  & ground beef into this recipe but no longer do it because of the high GI of potatoes.

Recipe Ingredients:

3-4  squash sliced thin
1 vidalia onion - sliced thin
1/2 stick of GF butter
 salt and pepper to taste

bell pepper thinly chopped (about 2 TBLS)
carrots shredded - (1 TBLS)
almost any vegetable for color


Layer squash then onions then a few pats of butter in a casserole dish.  Continue doing this until vegetables are used.  Cover with a lid or foil and  cook  on 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  (If you want to do this in a microwave follow the same procedure but cook for 15 minutes or until squash are tender -  I try to stay away from microwave cooking)

Discussion of Ingredients:

Squash:  Most often I use frozen squash from my organic garden.  I love being able to go to the freezer and pull out a quart package of squash and cook this recipe.  Tastes just like I picked it from the garden and cooked it.

Vidalia Onion:   I love cooking with these onions.  They are so good and especially in this recipe.  You can only get these onions  for certain months during the summer.  They say we can get it through December but I have never been able to find it that late in the season.   I look forward to getting fresh Vidalia's   every year.  This year I froze about 8 quarts of vidalia's to use this winter.   I prefer fresh but this works too.  If you choose to freeze onions you will want to double bag them as their aroma will permeate your freezer.

Butter:  If you have Celiac or you are  gluten intolerant you will want to buy GF butter.

Salt/Pepper:  I am trying to cut back on the salt so I increase the Pepper to compensate.

That's it.  So simple and easy.  Hope you enjoy.


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